Is Social Network Content the Credit Score of the future?

Almost all of us have one or more social networking accounts that we either are just members of because of peer pressure (even though all we do on it is go on other people’s profile to see their most updated pictures) or because we really do want to share our daily life stories with our friends. Facebook has already more than 500 million users and they still are relatively new in terms of monetizing the vast information. Considering the rate at which Facebook and Twitter are growing, there is no denying that the information about each person on these networks is going to become even more important than what it is today.

I came across an article yesterday that said if you want to become a cop, you have to make sure the content on your facebook and twitter account is clean. Recruiters sit with the candidate and ask them to log into their accounts and both the candidate and recruiter look through the content for any content that might hurt the candidate’s chances of becoming a cop. However ludicrous it might sound, it is the fact. Even if corporate recruiters don’t make it as explicit, they still try to dig up any kind of information that will aid them in making a hiring decision. Almost 85% of recruiters agree that online social reputation plays an important decision in the hiring process. With more and more people sharing information on Facebook and Twitter, the cleanliness of the content thats being posted will become really crucial. The saying goes “Never judge a book by its cover”, but in the digital age, the first thing that anyone does when they want to know more about a person is either google them or look up their facebook account to see what kind of a person he or she is. They might call it researching the person, but at the end of the day its judging who the person is with the information that he or she is sharing online.

Online Reputation
“make sure the content on your facebook and twitter account is clean”

Back to my original point of recruiters looking up social network content, I don’t think that day is far when going for a job interview, along with a resume one would also take a score of their online content that would prove they are worthy of the job. I feel social networking and its content scoring is going to be something similar to a credit score. You want to build it (since zero credit history is not good either) but you want to make sure that it is a good score since lot of things will be dependent upon it.

Priyanshu Harshavat (Founder at Socioclean)


About socioclean

I am a technologist/visionary trying to predict all the time where technology is going to take us next. I have founded a couple of companies most recent being Sociosecure and Socioclean, and my passion lies in social networking and how its shaping our lives.
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One Response to Is Social Network Content the Credit Score of the future?

  1. MN says:

    This is valuable stuff and very timely. Social Media has certainly evolved faster and in unprecedented ways a lot quicker than most organizations would admit (or are even aware of in the first place). Their preparedness, as a result, is generally absent or barely adequate at best. It seems like your company has hit the nail on the head here, by allowing corporations (and individuals) to catch up with Social Media quickly and be responsive to an obviously changed and rapidly changing landscape.

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