Date me but don’t ‘friend’ me

What is the first thing you do when you come back from a party, where you met someone interesting? I would imagine you, like most of us would probably say, “facebook that person” to find out more about them.

 Such is the power of social networks – to find everything about a person including who they talk to, what pictures they post, what they write, how they write and a million other things. We judge a person just by looking at their social network profile in a matter of minutes! These elements of human curiosity are very easily satisfied these days thanks to social networks and they play a decisive role in the world of online dating.

Lets see what we know about you..

 Thanks to social networks the “about me” section you fill out on dating sites goes beyond the information you want to make available. If things go well on the online dating forum a “friend invite” is not too far down the road, especially if things are going well. Advanced privacy settings are great but most users are able to figure if they don’t have access to your full profile – potentially leading them to believe you may be hiding more than you actually are, which could lead to assumptions and misunderstandings in the fragile realm of online courting.

Mistakes happen, no one remembers what they posted that one night when they got drunk and wanted the whole world to know what their ex-girlfriend did to them or vice-versa. But, that one post might come back to bite you. According to a recent study by Cosmo, 43 %of girls would decide not to date someone based on their Facebook profile, compared to 33 percent of guys.

Having a clean social network content before posting your profile on a dating site makes perfect sense and one should make the effort to clean that content to represent the “best me”

Thanks to social networks the “About Me” section has gotten a lot bigger!


About socioclean

I am a technologist/visionary trying to predict all the time where technology is going to take us next. I have founded a couple of companies most recent being Sociosecure and Socioclean, and my passion lies in social networking and how its shaping our lives.
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