Where were we?

Hi everyone!

Since our almost “overnight” fame early this year we have been working diligently with our Beta group to make Socioclean better for you. We have some really cool features that are slated to be released early July but for the time being we won’t spoil the surprise and you will have to just wait to find out what they are yourselves!

So the matter at hand –

After scanning more than 35,000 accounts and getting feedback from more than 4000 users during the Beta rounds, we were able to analyze some very interesting findings:

· More than 60% users have at least 10 pieces of inappropriate content stemming across categories like profanity, drugs or alcohol.
· Most of the inappropriate content was found on walls followed by photo tags and then on status messages
· More than 70% users think that they should use services like Socioclean at least 4 or more times a year to keep their profile clean and be aware of their social network content
· More than 76% of the inappropriate content found in a user’s profile was not posted by them

Tell us what you think – surprised by the numbers? What you expected?


About socioclean

I am a technologist/visionary trying to predict all the time where technology is going to take us next. I have founded a couple of companies most recent being Sociosecure and Socioclean, and my passion lies in social networking and how its shaping our lives.
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