I am a technologist/visionary trying to predict all the time where technology is going to take us next. I have founded a couple of companies most recent being Sociosecure and Socioclean, and my passion lies in social networking and how its shaping our lives.


2 Responses to About

  1. Jerry Cashman says:

    Great concept. I suggest you make a few adjustments as you go. I received a C grade (elevated rating). When I went to check the reports and see what I could do about it. The only data I could currently act on is that I mentioned the w*ne country twice as I go to Sonoma County on business frequently. However, for personal privacy I mention the w*ne country as I do not want to put the actual city or county in my posts. I guess this makes me an Alchololic/Druggie? Seems a little absurd. Also, I guess I had an elevated risk in the Racial category because I made some positive comments about an Afric@n Americ@n friend’s Bl@ck History Month’s fact posting. Please get your filters right. I do not think I should be classified as a Drug and Alchololic addicted racist because I mentioned I went to Sonoma County on business (where I didn’t even drink any wine) or I am thanking an Afric@n Americ@n friend for posting an interesting fact!

    • socioclean says:

      Thank you for trying out socioclean. I see your point and we are continuously working to improve the AI and categorization of the words. We are working on “phrasing” and context driven searches for the next release – until then we hope the ignore functionality helps the user experience and tighten search results to words that are truly inappropriate in the context they’re used.

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